The Ironbreaker pwnage must stop…

+By | October 16th, 2008 – Warhammer

I have been spending a fair amount of time over at I am really liking this guy, mainly because he is familiar with my article on the Zealot over at War Vault…=D And also because he plays a Runepriest, the Zealot equivilent on Order, which has given way to much discussion over our respective classes. He recently posted. And put to bed any speculation, that the Iron Breaker is getting a little silly in To Anaroc. Once again proof that Destruction looks cooler, and Order does more damage. We originally had a 4 man team of Archmage (myself), Bela on White Lion, Ryjel on Warrior Priest, and Balcloth at the center with the Iron Breaker. The combo was brutal to say the least, but was a good testimate to the overdone numbers on the Order side. Hopefully Mythic will look into this. 

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