Looking good. Feeling good.

+By | April 14th, 2014 – Diablo 3, Guild, News

feeling-goodBefore I go into any details as to what we have been up to, I think it’s important to state the irony that I spent a better part…. actually the whole weekend, working on the GreySoul site. It’s just something that sucked me in, it felt a lot like making the site the first couple of times around some 12/13 years ago (ps. were’re getting old). So this is where we are at, a nearly completed site. I will be spending the next couple of days taking care of janitorial stuff as far as the code is concerned, but otherwise it is done. If there are any other features that are going to come about, it will have to be at the request of clan mates because these pages need to serve more as a beacon to drive people to the chat in-game. I’ll be coming back to the game more over this next week. With the transmog features it has given me hope that I could salvage the look of my Witch Doctor (yes transmog is everything to me). If anyone wants to run some toons, look me up (Exile#1445).

April 10, 2014 at 3:53 am 04/14/2014

The site is lookin good man!


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