Member Updates and Bounty Runs

+By | April 23rd, 2014 – Diablo 3, Guild, News

dh2It’s hard for one to update the page when they are fully addicted to the game they are writing about. All of which has been a good sign, since it’s been (just about) a month of playing this expansion and I am still hooked. Primarily it’s because there are things to do, post max level, but mainly because the loot system is so entertaining.   All that being said, clan member Yocks and myself are going to be doing a Bounty marathon this evening. Anyone is welcome to join. I figure this will be a good time to start up a (almost) minted lvl. 70 Demon Hunter.   As far as clan maintenance goes, I updated the roster, adjusted some things in the about section (which still has a lot of work left to do), and I managed to get a nice little jQuery “scroll-back-to-top” button in the bottom right hand corner when you move away from the top of the page.  

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