Gaming philosophy with WAR abound…

+By | September 3rd, 2008 – Gaming

I found some pretty stellar articles… on no less… about Warhammer online and Mark Jacobs inputing his opinion and taking a few jabs at the industry. I found it to be a good read. One of the best parts is covering the collapse of my beloved Flagship studios and Hellgate:London which was one of the best/cruddiest games I have played so far. It’s specifically interesting for me because I have a buddy who works as a producer at EA and had remarked to me that Bill Roper at one point ripper apart Warhammer Online, something which I was told was taken pretty personally by Mythic. Who would of thought this level of drama could persist in the gaming industry with middle aged men. Ego’s gotta love them. Thus, read on players….

MTV: Mythic VP on Hellgate and Age of Conan
MTV: EA-Mythic, Activision-World-of-Warcraft Estimate is Overblown
(MTV for the win? Huh, never thought I would proclaim that one)


In other news I have been diligently jacking with the code on the site to present things in a cleaner fashion (They always look so much cleaner in photoshop). Anyway you might have noticed that now in these news posts we have breaks in the text. Had to do a little CSS manipulation but I came out on top in my battle against wordpress. Sorry for making this “news” worthy. As a graphic designer by trade this kind of stuff is a big deal for me. So where have I been the last couple of days? Trolling the VN Boards against people who think I don’t know how to play a Zealot. And reading up on the Archmage whilst defending it from fanbois…. and for anyone new here, we have decided our first round of characters are going to be going ORDER. Balcloth put a bit of effort into convincing me that this was the best strategy for us. And I was hesitent I will admit. But after playing the CE preview weekend I understood. There are just WAY to many destruction and way to many passive-aggressive players that we just want to avoid.

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