Game goes live, qaulity of news posts goes down

+By | September 19th, 2008 – Guild, Warhammer

Okay where to begin. The guild has been created. Except that for now we aren’t going to be “GreySoul” in name. It’s the same guys, but while we were playing DAOC we went under the alias “Postal” for the last part. (*LiT was the original guild name but I won’t go into that for the sake of confusing you even more.) The SKULL THRONE server is a composite of the Lancelot and Merlin servers from DAOC. In order to maintain recognition with the other veteran players returning, we felt it was a smart decision to go with Postal. This is fine because GreySoul, at it’s core, serves more as the club that houses the different named guilds we have been over the years. I will be setting up a sub domain just for Postal with an explination to clear up this confusion. will also still serve as our source of news and message boards at the center of everything we do. Belastran is currently out of commission in his home town of Houston, TX. with no thanks to hurricane Ike. He was able to log on for a second using a neighbor’s generator to let us know that he is okay and will be with power in a few weeks. Hang in there buddy. In the meantime Worz has joined our cause and is rocking it up with me as a fellow Zealot. Adding Ryjel, that gives Balcloth 3 healers so I hope he is enjoying the extra protection. Other than that, we have been OWNING scenarios and we will have some images to post later. Time to work on getting my mount either tonight or tomorrow. W00t. -Ex

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