Guild discussion grab-bag

+By | September 26th, 2008 – Guild, Warhammer

I was checking out the vault today and it seems Missy from Mythic came forward with some information about guilds. Pretty informative. Check it out.   Q. My fellow guild officers and I are having a ‘discussion’ about whether or not we should alts in the guild. How does guild leveling work, exactly? Would having a bunch of extra inactive characters cause our guild to level more slowly than if we were all active? A. No, having inactive characters in your guild roster won’t slow down your guild advancement. A guild gains experience and ranks through the actions of its members. Anytime members earn experience and/or renown the guild earns experience as well. So having a battalion of inactive alts is not a detriment to your guild’s ability to level. Q. How exactly the does the rested system work? Do you generate the same amount of rested xp no matter where you log out? Can you generate rest xp without logging out by going to a specific area? How much rest xp can you generate max? A. The most rested experience you can have is equal to one and a half times the experience points you need to complete your current level. The rate of increase depends on your level, so the higher you go, the slower that rested xp bar fills up. As you defeat monsters or players, your experience is doubled until the bar is depleted. You don’t have to log out in a specific area in order to earn rested experience, but whatever rate is appropriate for your level will speed up by 50% if you log out in a warcamp or chapter hub belonging to your realm. If you log out in a city, this rate is doubled. Finally, if you log out in the “Guild Leader’s Room” in a guildhall, this rate increases to 150%!

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