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+By | April 4th, 2012 – Diablo 3, Guild

Hey guys, people have been coming here quite a bit (to my surprise) asking if this is the old diablo 2 guild. Yes this is, and yes I am Exile from that time.. albeit 11 years older. Bet you didn’t know that your guild leader started at the age of 15 huh? Heh. Anyway I have gotten in contact with a few old members asking about GreySoul. Long story short, I will bring this all back if there is a demand for it. I had a page that was up for Warhammer involving GreySoul, but there wasn’t really anything substantial allowing it to exist. GS has always been a Diablo guild, although I am considering making it for Guild Wars 2 (Arena Net being a cousin of Blizzard). Anyway, get in contact with me at exileoc@gmail.com if you are interested. And if not, we can still meet up in D3 through the friend system. Until then, happy hunting. -Ex

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