Continuing to (hastily) work on the site, along with member updates, etc.

+By | April 7th, 2014 – Diablo 3, Guild, News

Clan featureThe image above doesn’t do the guild justice, but I felt compelled to grab a screen shot last night before I logged off. Six members is about five more than I would have been expecting at any one time. What started off as my own little slice of heaven (or hell) has turned into a nice little chat group for my friends, and a handful of old GS members from back in the day. I don’t have the exact number, but last I checked, we were up to something like 20 members with a good handful actively playing at any given time. This has sparked enough interest in me to go ahead and give this site/clan another modest run. At least for as long as clan functionality in D3 proves to have a use. So that is mainly the goal of this project right now. To try and round up as many retired GS members as possible. As far as the site construction goes, I am just about finished with the homepage. Individual post pages, and links at the bottom are going to get cleaned up as I go along. I will find some time to flesh out the Roster page later this evening. Unfortunately Blizzard doesn’t have any sort of d3 guild API, so most of this will be done by hand. More updates the follow.

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