Getting the ball rolling…

+By | August 4th, 2008 – Gaming, Guild

Hey. If anyone has been looking around the site within the last week you’d see that I have been slowly finishing off my checklist for the site. I cleaned up our blog look; finalized it so people can make comments, finished up a wicked new login system, and best of all tied all of these systems together. Only thing that is truly broken would be the forum preview to the right on this post. So you log into one, you log into them all. Other than that I am just trying to get what “content” we have down on the page so we look like a legit guild. =P I talked with Balcloth who is currently owning up in War3, going to join him soon so we can put a solid 3 man together with Bela. Warhammer online beta is going on, and Diablo 3 news is scarce. But considering it’s Blizzard, this is totally nothing new. In preperation for all of this gaming coming down the pipeline, I picked up 4gb of ram from newegg at the low low price of $90 bucks. Not bad to say the least, my system is screaming at 6gb right now at dual channel 1066mhz, but since I have WindowsXP 32-bit, 3gb is going to total waste. So it’s time to upgrade that OS (If I happen to disappear for a few days, it’s because the process didn’t go smoothly). Work is pretty brutal right now. Got a few campaigns in the works so I’ll try and be as active as I can this week. EDIT: I guess Mythic is working on some kind of surprise reguarding… well I guess Warhammer. Some say it might be DAOC related. I think it might just more of what we are expecting…. open NDA open beta… etc…. sooner or later this stuff needs to come out anyway.

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