When GreySoul was first created, a large emphasis was placed on a structured hierarchy going from the leaders down to junior members. We even went as far as to develop “chapters” which were leader driven teams where they chose elite players to fill these extra ranks. However, we weren’t the only ones doing this at the time. Other such Diablo 2 guilds, given the large period of downtime in preparation for the game’s arrival, constructed governments based on monarchy, democracy, republics and while few would ever admit it, aristocracy and communism. Alliances were made, wars were declared all in preparation for the day when we could go out into the game. Admittedly, much of these “rules of government” for something like a video game were often constructed out of sheer boredom and a fear that the members would loose interest in the guild without a way to track their progress. With no goals in sight members could often feel disenfranchised and leave to another guild that would offer some means of progress the the other was lacking.

Then came the release of the game, and we found something out. Government, or much of it, was thrown into the wind. Alliances didn’t matter, no time to declare war, membership duties were blurred, and the real leaders floated to the top of the list. There was no time to make a 2/3 vote. The extent that we had built out a government just didn’t mean anything anymore and it was time to play the game together, represent a team and have fun.

Now several years later, this is the logic that encompasses GreySoul’s structure. More or less a group of friends who want to have fun over the course of several games and have fun. The leadership duties have varied depending on the games and who felt like taking charge. There are leader(s), a hand full of officers and members which makeup the macrocosm of the guild. And these roles will vary depending on the game. Progression is measured through dedication to the collective whole and members and personal success. And those who feel up to the task are invited to voice their opinion.