In the summer of 1998, three teenage kids came together with the idea of creating a guild for Diablo 2 which was announced to have been in development by Blizzard Entertainment. The core group consisted of Raistlin, Dalamar (now Balcloth) and Exile. Raistlin and Dalamar lead, and later on that summer, Exile had constructed their website and would assume the role of webmaster, (originally hosted on Xoom.com) and eventually given a position in leadership. The first members joined, and GreySoul was born.


With inquiry from Exile, a sponsorship was set up with Diabloii.net (now Diii.net), and GreySoul quickly becomes the top sponsored guild. Meanwhile, with no affirmative release date for Diablo 2 in sight, a comprehensive guild structure was built to support the growing membership. Raistlin and Dalamar build relations with the rest of the community which eventually leads to an alliance with The Sons of the East (SoTE).


In the spring of 2000, Exile wins the “Best of the North Bay” award for his flash work on GreySoul. The leadership took on a 4th leader, Stormrider. And with Diablo 2 on the horizon. GreySoul’s membership peaked at 150 active members. At this point GreySoul is considered one of the top guild contenders for Diablo 2.

In July of 2000, Diablo 2 was finally released. GreySoul’s membership built their characters in the community and won the handful of challenges from other guilds it received. This would be considered the apex of GreySoul’s achievements. However, guild systems pulled from the game at the last moment, a lagging PvP system, literally no team PvP mechanic and virtually no way to track progress… the membership and leadership of GreySoul lost interest and quietly dissipated. SoTE, existing on a different server, eventually dissolves around this time too.


The release of Diablo 2: Lord of Destruction expansion gave way to a small reemergence of GreySoul. But also died out from the lack of systems previously listed. Raistlin would leave the scene entirely after the creation of “LiT” for Dark Age of Camelot by Mythic Entertainment. Balcloth (previously Dalamar), Stormrider and Exile would move on to Myth II: SoulBlighter by Bungie Entertainment. The three eventually joined the guild, Vincere Aut Mori (VaM). VaM went on to be the #2 guild before breaking up later on in the year.

As previously stated, a guild for Dark Age of Camelot was started with the same concept as GreySoul called “Lit” (short of Logic is a Threat), this time lead by Exile.


LiT dissolves do to real life commitments by Exile and he officially disbands LiT. Stormrider (now Ferhn) and Balcloth are then adopted into “The Enclave.”


The Enclave eventually gets turned into an elite guild known as “Postal.”


Postal dissolves around this time. Exile starts plans for his second version of GreySoul, developing an entire guild system and website behind the scenes, but they never officially come to fruition. Despite this, the three of them return to the Diablo 2 scene and eventually World of Warcraft no longer under the GreySoul title. But at this point, Ferhn leaves the scene entirely and Balcloth and Exile play casually before stopping to finish up college.


Balcloth and Exile meet up again with plans of reviving GreySoul of Warhammer Online by Mythic Entertainment.


GreySoul is officially recreated in June for Warhammer Online. Started up again by Balcloth and Exile; hosted on Exile’s server. Ex members of Postal transfer over to the guild. Diablo III development is announced by Blizzard Entertainment in July of that year…