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Season two kicks off

Season2 - Diablo 3So it only took me short of a year to post something on this page again. The excitement of Diablo 3, while quite exciting, is also fleeting in regards to things to do. With Season Two now alive and kicking, Animus convinced me to give the game another shot, updated patches an all. So with that, I have dusted off the clan and started a couple of ladder toons. I haven’t tried any of this Greater Rift business, but Animus and I will be forming a team around it soon. Until then, happy hunting.
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Some “alone time” playing some Wolfenstein, waiting for WildStar, Etc.

Wolfenstein-The-New-Order-2014-Wallpaper-1600x900In light of the new 100% super-legendries-drop permanence that D3 currently has going, you would think I would be jumping at the opportunity to play more. But alas, WildStar has caught my attention, and Animus & Myself are going to be enjoying that for (hopefully) the next couple of months. When we finally land on a server, I will post more information. For now I know we are heading to a PvP server, and we will be playing Dominion (the bad guys). If anyone wants to join in, they are welcome to come find us. In the meantime, it’s been all about the Wolfenstein. Single player, narrow in drive, narrow in scope goodness. And yes that is a good thing, because I just simply don’t have the time to invest in multiplayer FPS games anymore. I just want a story, and to kill some Nazi’s and then call it a day. I’ll find myself back into the D3’s as Blizzcon approaches in November. Otherwise there just isn’t a whole lot there to keep everyone playing, not that I blame anyone for their inactivity. Without the big competitive features, there really isn’t a reason to stick around. In the meantime, you can be sure to find a skeleton crew there, doing their thing.
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Member Updates and Bounty Runs

dh2It’s hard for one to update the page when they are fully addicted to the game they are writing about. All of which has been a good sign, since it’s been (just about) a month of playing this expansion and I am still hooked. Primarily it’s because there are things to do, post max level, but mainly because the loot system is so entertaining.   All that being said, clan member Yocks and myself are going to be doing a Bounty marathon this evening. Anyone is welcome to join. I figure this will be a good time to start up a (almost) minted lvl. 70 Demon Hunter.   As far as clan maintenance goes, I updated the roster, adjusted some things in the about section (which still has a lot of work left to do), and I managed to get a nice little jQuery “scroll-back-to-top” button in the bottom right hand corner when you move away from the top of the page.  
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Looking good. Feeling good.

feeling-goodBefore I go into any details as to what we have been up to, I think it’s important to state the irony that I spent a better part…. actually the whole weekend, working on the GreySoul site. It’s just something that sucked me in, it felt a lot like making the site the first couple of times around some 12/13 years ago (ps. were’re getting old). So this is where we are at, a nearly completed site. I will be spending the next couple of days taking care of janitorial stuff as far as the code is concerned, but otherwise it is done. If there are any other features that are going to come about, it will have to be at the request of clan mates because these pages need to serve more as a beacon to drive people to the chat in-game. I’ll be coming back to the game more over this next week. With the transmog features it has given me hope that I could salvage the look of my Witch Doctor (yes transmog is everything to me). If anyone wants to run some toons, look me up (Exile#1445).
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Please pardon our dust. Beta page coming this weekend.

dustWell, I let the idea of the clan get the better of me. What was supposed to be a quick emulation of a current theme turned into a full scale design/front end development project that has left me exhausted of coding for a little while. Tomorrow I am going to launch the newest version of the GreySoul site. However, I think it is safe to say that it will still be considered very much in “beta” mode for the time being. Copy is a mess, and I still have loose ends of code that are popping up in the comment section, but other than that, I am pretty happy with it. Now if you will all excuse me, I am going to log into to the game I haven’t been able to play because I was ironically building a website for it.
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Continuing to (hastily) work on the site, along with member updates, etc.

Clan featureThe image above doesn’t do the guild justice, but I felt compelled to grab a screen shot last night before I logged off. Six members is about five more than I would have been expecting at any one time. What started off as my own little slice of heaven (or hell) has turned into a nice little chat group for my friends, and a handful of old GS members from back in the day. I don’t have the exact number, but last I checked, we were up to something like 20 members with a good handful actively playing at any given time. This has sparked enough interest in me to go ahead and give this site/clan another modest run. At least for as long as clan functionality in D3 proves to have a use. So that is mainly the goal of this project right now. To try and round up as many retired GS members as possible. As far as the site construction goes, I am just about finished with the homepage. Individual post pages, and links at the bottom are going to get cleaned up as I go along. I will find some time to flesh out the Roster page later this evening. Unfortunately Blizzard doesn’t have any sort of d3 guild API, so most of this will be done by hand. More updates the follow.
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Getting the gang back together

Diablo_3_Reaper_Of_Souls_58475With the release of Reaper of Souls, the D3 expansion, I finally got what I was always waiting for… Clans. Admittedly the system is a little weak, but for the hell of it I created GreySoul, again. While I made efforts to bring it back in ’08, it was never officially for Diablo 3. So for the first time in 12 years, GreySoul is a clan again. Surprisingly with 17 people at the time of this writing. Aside from this just being a rag-tag outfit for close friends and myself, real members from “back in the day” have also been coming out of the ether and joining up, so if any of you are still out there, you can find us by doing a clan search for us. Otherwise, you can reach me at my email address (exileoc :at: or you can find me in game by my ID “Exile#1445.”
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If you used to be a member…

Hey guys, people have been coming here quite a bit (to my surprise) asking if this is the old diablo 2 guild. Yes this is, and yes I am Exile from that time.. albeit 11 years older. Bet you didn’t know that your guild leader started at the age of 15 huh? Heh. Anyway I have gotten in contact with a few old members asking about GreySoul. Long story short, I will bring this all back if there is a demand for it. I had a page that was up for Warhammer involving GreySoul, but there wasn’t really anything substantial allowing it to exist. GS has always been a Diablo guild, although I am considering making it for Guild Wars 2 (Arena Net being a cousin of Blizzard). Anyway, get in contact with me at if you are interested. And if not, we can still meet up in D3 through the friend system. Until then, happy hunting. -Ex
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Time to rework the site

So many factors are going into a redesign of this site… assuming Blizzcon works out to where guilds will be implemented in Diablo 3, then Greysoul will officially “be back.” After that point, this site will go down and get reworked. Plus the whole concept around it needs a tune up and restructure. Tune into for information of Blizzcon as I tweet my way through it. Stay cool everyone, it’s hot out there.
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Thanks for all of the, uh… sign ups

I am not sure why this is happening, but alot of people are signing up for the blog/forums. These are either spammers, or people who are deeply interested in what I had to say, several months ago. That being said, thanks guys. =D Anyway, here is just a little update as to what we have been up to: Warhammer sort of fell through the floor, atleast for Balcloth and myself. We went back to World of Warcraft to meet up with Stormrider (AkA Senuq/Uxmal/Ibana) and get a little arena, pvp, action in. For now that is where we will be. Just needed a finished MMO, and Warhammer is great, but it just needs alot of work. We might come back, but in the meantime I picked up my Priest and have been kicking ass. For the Horde…
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