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Some “alone time” playing some Wolfenstein, waiting for WildStar, Etc.

Wolfenstein-The-New-Order-2014-Wallpaper-1600x900In light of the new 100% super-legendries-drop permanence that D3 currently has going, you would think I would be jumping at the opportunity to play more. But alas, WildStar has caught my attention, and Animus & Myself are going to be enjoying that for (hopefully) the next couple of months. When we finally land on a server, I will post more information. For now I know we are heading to a PvP server, and we will be playing Dominion (the bad guys). If anyone wants to join in, they are welcome to come find us. In the meantime, it’s been all about the Wolfenstein. Single player, narrow in drive, narrow in scope goodness. And yes that is a good thing, because I just simply don’t have the time to invest in multiplayer FPS games anymore. I just want a story, and to kill some Nazi’s and then call it a day. I’ll find myself back into the D3’s as Blizzcon approaches in November. Otherwise there just isn’t a whole lot there to keep everyone playing, not that I blame anyone for their inactivity. Without the big competitive features, there really isn’t a reason to stick around. In the meantime, you can be sure to find a skeleton crew there, doing their thing.
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Time to rework the site

So many factors are going into a redesign of this site… assuming Blizzcon works out to where guilds will be implemented in Diablo 3, then Greysoul will officially “be back.” After that point, this site will go down and get reworked. Plus the whole concept around it needs a tune up and restructure. Tune into for information of Blizzcon as I tweet my way through it. Stay cool everyone, it’s hot out there.
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Gaming philosophy with WAR abound…

I found some pretty stellar articles… on no less… about Warhammer online and Mark Jacobs inputing his opinion and taking a few jabs at the industry. I found it to be a good read. One of the best parts is covering the collapse of my beloved Flagship studios and Hellgate:London which was one of the best/cruddiest games I have played so far. It’s specifically interesting for me because I have a buddy who works as a producer at EA and had remarked to me that Bill Roper at one point ripper apart Warhammer Online, something which I was told was taken pretty personally by Mythic. Who would of thought this level of drama could persist in the gaming industry with middle aged men. Ego’s gotta love them. Thus, read on players….
MTV: Mythic VP on Hellgate and Age of Conan
MTV: EA-Mythic, Activision-World-of-Warcraft Estimate is Overblown
(MTV for the win? Huh, never thought I would proclaim that one)


In other news I have been diligently jacking with the code on the site to present things in a cleaner fashion (They always look so much cleaner in photoshop). Anyway you might have noticed that now in these news posts we have breaks in the text. Had to do a little CSS manipulation but I came out on top in my battle against wordpress. Sorry for making this “news” worthy. As a graphic designer by trade this kind of stuff is a big deal for me. So where have I been the last couple of days? Trolling the VN Boards against people who think I don’t know how to play a Zealot. And reading up on the Archmage whilst defending it from fanbois…. and for anyone new here, we have decided our first round of characters are going to be going ORDER. Balcloth put a bit of effort into convincing me that this was the best strategy for us. And I was hesitent I will admit. But after playing the CE preview weekend I understood. There are just WAY to many destruction and way to many passive-aggressive players that we just want to avoid.
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My Zealot guide is up at Warhammer Vault

A comprehensive Zealot guide that I wrote for Warhammer Vault is currently up on their site and now part of the side bar menu. Damn not to shabby. I went over a lot of the basic mechanics and left out a lot of names for the attacks. What can I say, I am bad with names. There is a shout out to GreySoul at the bottom, of course. As our PR machine slowly takes off…. which was the only requirement I made for writing said article in question. =D So go on over, check it out, let me know what you think.
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When the Waaaaagh comes I will be ready

So the plan goes as follows. Come opening day of Warhammer online, I am going to be over at Balcloth’s place. Money has been set aside for frozen pizza and I have the time off scheduled from work. Only one piece of the puzzle remained, the computer. Sure I could bring my “cube of death” over to Balc’s place, but I would have to bring the 24inch monitor, keyboards, etc etc. And the laptop I have is pretty awesome. Many of nights were spent playing World of Warcraft on it. However when I tried to run the WAR beta on my little HPzd8000… it ate it. I couldn’t even get animations for running the poor thing was bogged down so bad. Now in it’s defense the little guy was top of the line for his day. ATI radeon mobility x300 …. 256mb dedicated graphic. 2.4ghz. The list goes on, plus it was a media center laptop so I had all the fixin’s and was one of the only kids on the block who had a remote control for his computer. But yesterday, I stopped by Best Buy on a whim, and sure enough they had the laptop I had been eying. The Gateway P-7811FX. Aside from the amazing 4gb of DDR3 1066mhz ram, or the 7200rpm hard drive, the thing sports a NVIDIA GeForce 9800M GTS graphics with 512MB of sheer goodness. Did I mention the whole thing was $1445. Scary huh? I might also try this “Crysis” I had been hearing so much about. Anyway, I am ready for WAAAAGH. This machine spits out warhammer without a problem. So if any of you are in the market for a new laptop, consider this one.



Getting the ball rolling…

Hey. If anyone has been looking around the site within the last week you’d see that I have been slowly finishing off my checklist for the site. I cleaned up our blog look; finalized it so people can make comments, finished up a wicked new login system, and best of all tied all of these systems together. Only thing that is truly broken would be the forum preview to the right on this post. So you log into one, you log into them all. Other than that I am just trying to get what “content” we have down on the page so we look like a legit guild. =P I talked with Balcloth who is currently owning up in War3, going to join him soon so we can put a solid 3 man together with Bela. Warhammer online beta is going on, and Diablo 3 news is scarce. But considering it’s Blizzard, this is totally nothing new. In preperation for all of this gaming coming down the pipeline, I picked up 4gb of ram from newegg at the low low price of $90 bucks. Not bad to say the least, my system is screaming at 6gb right now at dual channel 1066mhz, but since I have WindowsXP 32-bit, 3gb is going to total waste. So it’s time to upgrade that OS (If I happen to disappear for a few days, it’s because the process didn’t go smoothly). Work is pretty brutal right now. Got a few campaigns in the works so I’ll try and be as active as I can this week. EDIT: I guess Mythic is working on some kind of surprise reguarding… well I guess Warhammer. Some say it might be DAOC related. I think it might just more of what we are expecting…. open NDA open beta… etc…. sooner or later this stuff needs to come out anyway.
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