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Preview weekend wrap-up

It’s safe to say at this point that GreySoul is going to start out on the side of ORDER. I wasn’t on board at first but instant scenario queue and plethora of things to kill whilst adventuring in a less than crowded environment won me over this weekend. We will be heading to DESTRUCTION as planned, but this will be later on. Or depending on the server load, at the same time as our ORDER characters. If there is one thing we have learned in our gaming years that it works best to go against the grain to get the best experience possible (quite literally in mmo’s). The initial server list was just announced at Warhammer vault, so expect a discussion and announcement from us as to where our ORDER home and future DESTRUCTION home will be.
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Beta servers down… current GS updates

With the beta servers down, it is going to give me some time to further customize the site to make it work for us at release time. I am just going to shoot things off the top of my head in no particular order. Char names and Alts: I uploaded this cool mod for the forum that allows members to go into their profile and add their main toon name as well as up to 4 alt names. I think this will come in handy when people end up adopting a strong alt but are still posting under their main name on the forums. Members access to post: I still need to get around to this. Balcloth has access to post but Ryjel and Bela still don’t. I’ll change that tonight. It’s basically just me on a soap box at the moment. Members Only Discussion: I put together a discussion board only for GS members. However it’s not showing up so I need to look into this. Adding a (X)comments posted: I really need to make it so we can see how many comments are posted to news posts. I didn’t realize this until we got going with GS but I think that will actually stimulate more discussion on this end (aside from the forums). The PR machine: While we aren’t exactly in a member push, my efforts to get our name out there are working. Yesterday was our highest day per visits thus far. Don’t laugh but it’s at 40, not bad considering it’s now been doubled. The PR machine x 2: My Zealot article I wrote for Warhammer Vault has garnered some mild success. I got my own section which was pretty cool. The PR machine x 3: If you go to google and type in “greysoul” we are now the #3 placed site. Not bad considering when this started we were on page 5… Possible ORDER guild restructure: After talking with Balcloth we may or may not go ORDER at release. The best thing we can do right now is be flexible as everyone and their mother is getting ready to play as DESTRUCTION. The underdog is always who we play for so read up on those classes. But we will of course come back toDESTRUCTION. That’s really it for now.

We have an image gallery… finally

I finally got the SMF gallery installed for our site today. Now images of sweet pwns can be viewed by all. Once that nda is lifted expect a flurry of screenshots of my zealot. Until then and enjoy. If anyone wants to start a D2 or DAOC folder to upload some old time photos then feel free. The permissions should allow you to do so. Otherwise I’ll jump on my admin account and make that happen. PS. It might not be visible from the homepage until later on tonight. I need to edit the flash and it’s only on my home CPU.
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Getting the ball rolling…

Hey. If anyone has been looking around the site within the last week you’d see that I have been slowly finishing off my checklist for the site. I cleaned up our blog look; finalized it so people can make comments, finished up a wicked new login system, and best of all tied all of these systems together. Only thing that is truly broken would be the forum preview to the right on this post. So you log into one, you log into them all. Other than that I am just trying to get what “content” we have down on the page so we look like a legit guild. =P I talked with Balcloth who is currently owning up in War3, going to join him soon so we can put a solid 3 man together with Bela. Warhammer online beta is going on, and Diablo 3 news is scarce. But considering it’s Blizzard, this is totally nothing new. In preperation for all of this gaming coming down the pipeline, I picked up 4gb of ram from newegg at the low low price of $90 bucks. Not bad to say the least, my system is screaming at 6gb right now at dual channel 1066mhz, but since I have WindowsXP 32-bit, 3gb is going to total waste. So it’s time to upgrade that OS (If I happen to disappear for a few days, it’s because the process didn’t go smoothly). Work is pretty brutal right now. Got a few campaigns in the works so I’ll try and be as active as I can this week. EDIT: I guess Mythic is working on some kind of surprise reguarding… well I guess Warhammer. Some say it might be DAOC related. I think it might just more of what we are expecting…. open NDA open beta… etc…. sooner or later this stuff needs to come out anyway.
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GreySoul goes live!!!

Well sorta. It’s been a long time running, but another large step has been made into giving us a permanent home here on the interwebz. So let’s consider this “greysoul beta 1.” As of right now virtually nothing works but the stage has been set for me to come on in and make tweaks here and there as I see fit. I had been working on this site on a system called vertrigo as a virtual run time environment, but it just got to the point where it would be easier to work on it as a live website. So in the meantime, sit back, relax, check back regularly and make sure you visit our forums and say hi. Later.
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