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The Ironbreaker pwnage must stop…

I have been spending a fair amount of time over at I am really liking this guy, mainly because he is familiar with my article on the Zealot over at War Vault…=D And also because he plays a Runepriest, the Zealot equivilent on Order, which has given way to much discussion over our respective classes. He recently posted. And put to bed any speculation, that the Iron Breaker is getting a little silly in To Anaroc. Once again proof that Destruction looks cooler, and Order does more damage. We originally had a 4 man team of Archmage (myself), Bela on White Lion, Ryjel on Warrior Priest, and Balcloth at the center with the Iron Breaker. The combo was brutal to say the least, but was a good testimate to the overdone numbers on the Order side. Hopefully Mythic will look into this. 
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Guild discussion grab-bag

I was checking out the vault today and it seems Missy from Mythic came forward with some information about guilds. Pretty informative. Check it out.   Q. My fellow guild officers and I are having a ‘discussion’ about whether or not we should alts in the guild. How does guild leveling work, exactly? Would having a bunch of extra inactive characters cause our guild to level more slowly than if we were all active? A. No, having inactive characters in your guild roster won’t slow down your guild advancement. A guild gains experience and ranks through the actions of its members. Anytime members earn experience and/or renown the guild earns experience as well. So having a battalion of inactive alts is not a detriment to your guild’s ability to level. Q. How exactly the does the rested system work? Do you generate the same amount of rested xp no matter where you log out? Can you generate rest xp without logging out by going to a specific area? How much rest xp can you generate max? A. The most rested experience you can have is equal to one and a half times the experience points you need to complete your current level. The rate of increase depends on your level, so the higher you go, the slower that rested xp bar fills up. As you defeat monsters or players, your experience is doubled until the bar is depleted. You don’t have to log out in a specific area in order to earn rested experience, but whatever rate is appropriate for your level will speed up by 50% if you log out in a warcamp or chapter hub belonging to your realm. If you log out in a city, this rate is doubled. Finally, if you log out in the “Guild Leader’s Room” in a guildhall, this rate increases to 150%!
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Game goes live, qaulity of news posts goes down

Okay where to begin. The guild has been created. Except that for now we aren’t going to be “GreySoul” in name. It’s the same guys, but while we were playing DAOC we went under the alias “Postal” for the last part. (*LiT was the original guild name but I won’t go into that for the sake of confusing you even more.) The SKULL THRONE server is a composite of the Lancelot and Merlin servers from DAOC. In order to maintain recognition with the other veteran players returning, we felt it was a smart decision to go with Postal. This is fine because GreySoul, at it’s core, serves more as the club that houses the different named guilds we have been over the years. I will be setting up a sub domain just for Postal with an explination to clear up this confusion. will also still serve as our source of news and message boards at the center of everything we do. Belastran is currently out of commission in his home town of Houston, TX. with no thanks to hurricane Ike. He was able to log on for a second using a neighbor’s generator to let us know that he is okay and will be with power in a few weeks. Hang in there buddy. In the meantime Worz has joined our cause and is rocking it up with me as a fellow Zealot. Adding Ryjel, that gives Balcloth 3 healers so I hope he is enjoying the extra protection. Other than that, we have been OWNING scenarios and we will have some images to post later. Time to work on getting my mount either tonight or tomorrow. W00t. -Ex
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Server: Skull Throne

It’s official. We are DESTRUCTION on SKULL THRONE! And of course the servers are already insanely impacted. Oh Mythic, how did you not see this coming? You have almost a million beta applicants, yet you only open 15 servers for CE launch? May god have mercy on the people who are going to try and purchase the game on Sept 18. Meanwhile, the game has only been out for about 36 minutes and I have a 1 hour wait time for Skull Throne. Wish me luck!
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Server list is up

Ask and you shall receive. Head on over to the Herald for the link of the servers for Warhammer Online. Or just follow the link:
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WAR news 9/10 …

We have less than a week left to go. With GreySoul officially kicking off that Wednesday the 17th. Word from the Vault as well as the herald is that the game is going to start up for CE players this Sunday at 7am EST (Dammit, that translates to 4am on Sunday for us PST people). Balcloth has given me leadership status in the beta GS so that is going to give me some time to tamper with possible banners for the guild. In much awaited news, the herald has gone into some depth about guild functions and player taxes. Looks like we are going to have to pull together when we start taking keeps. Trade skills, guild vaults, transportation- they are all going to be linked by the guild so finding the right % to tax is going to be critical. As far as what side we are going to play, and what server we are going to play on… the decision to go DESTRUCTION has pretty much won by a landslide. And it looks like the server to play on will depend on whoever logs on first. Following this, we are going to be playing on a “core” server meaning that WAR won’t necissarily be “everywhere.” Just in the areas we choose to travel to. Mark Jacobs came out swining about the new rulesets for RvR and it’s based on the following: - Players are always RvR flagged from the moment they log in - Chapter 1 hubs and capital cities are safe - There is no bolster buff in RvR lakes - Players will be chickened when entering an area that is two tiers below their level (ex. A Tier 3 player entering a Tier 1 area.) Since going to tier 1 would turn us into chickens, this seems a little counter productive to guilds, but useful to stop gankers. Needless to say, helping the guild mates in lower tiers outways these options. Stay tuned, more info later.
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Preview weekend wrap-up

It’s safe to say at this point that GreySoul is going to start out on the side of ORDER. I wasn’t on board at first but instant scenario queue and plethora of things to kill whilst adventuring in a less than crowded environment won me over this weekend. We will be heading to DESTRUCTION as planned, but this will be later on. Or depending on the server load, at the same time as our ORDER characters. If there is one thing we have learned in our gaming years that it works best to go against the grain to get the best experience possible (quite literally in mmo’s). The initial server list was just announced at Warhammer vault, so expect a discussion and announcement from us as to where our ORDER home and future DESTRUCTION home will be.
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My Zealot guide is up at Warhammer Vault

A comprehensive Zealot guide that I wrote for Warhammer Vault is currently up on their site and now part of the side bar menu. Damn not to shabby. I went over a lot of the basic mechanics and left out a lot of names for the attacks. What can I say, I am bad with names. There is a shout out to GreySoul at the bottom, of course. As our PR machine slowly takes off…. which was the only requirement I made for writing said article in question. =D So go on over, check it out, let me know what you think.
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NDA lifted …

Yup. Mark Jacobs just lifted the NDA. I am currently hanging out over at Warhammer Vault answering all the questions I currently can. This also means my article about the Zealot should be releasing soon as well.
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Official Warhammer Release Date

Well grab your axes and get your disc polished. Mythic has announced that WAR will be rolling out on September 18th. Of course those that pre-ordered will be getting in a little earlier a-la the headstart program. I can’t wait.