There are several ways to contact the leaders/officers of GreySoul, both in and out of game— for membership, or any general questions and comments. We currently don’t have a forum.
You can reach Exile at: for any questions/comments regarding the website, site partnerships, or joining the clan out of of game. For returning GreySoul members, use this method first, or contact Exile directly using the battletag information listed.
The following GreySoul leadership can be reached under these battletags, if you are interested in joining. Exile– Exile#1445. GenericBrand– GenericBrand#1232. Animus976– Animus#1121. Belastran– Belastran#1581.
To find us in Diablo 3, open up the clans & communities tab (or SHIFT + O) and type in “GreySoul.” If that doesn’t work use one of the methods listed above.