Diablo 4 Weekly Roundup for 7/8 – Season of the Malignant Announced

Hey Everyone, Shade here again with updates for Diablo 4 from the week of 72/ to 7/8. It was a pretty busy week with plenty of things being announced, like all of season one “Season of the Malignant.” Let’s get started.

New Twitch drops are live for our mounts in game. Hit this link when you can to get your new cosmetics for your mount (only if you have an Amazon Prime account). From what I can tell these are no strings attached. You simple confirm with your Amazon Prime account that you want it, and it’s yours. Items include:

  • Scales of the Dead Sea – Mount Armor
  • Dead Sea Vessel – Mount Trophy
  • Mariner Will – Mount Trophy

Season 1: Season of the Malignant announce. And you can read more about it officially with a very thorough recap on the Blizzard site. It contains the back story for context as well as details on the mechanics for this season. Specifically, we are going to be upgrading malignant hearts that function as special gems. It will launch on July 20th @ 10am PST. So mark your calendars.

Hotfixes and a light patch went live. The main take away from this is that uniques will now be included in Helltide chests.

The first 1000 Hardcore players have been officially recorded by Blizzard. These 1000 people will have their character’s names engraved on a statue at Blizzard headquarters (pretty cool).

That’s it. Thanks for stoping by and getting an update. Talk to you next week! -Shade