GreySoul is a guild based on a of balance in gaming, Balance of character and balance of group. We game together, because we believe that we can work in synchronous to achieve our goals, and in the process, have fun doing it. The joy we get is not from the end result, but the process in which takes us there. And the purpose is to the entitlement of every person in the clan.

Below is any and all information pertaining to the history, and current status of GreySoul. While GreySoul originally started as a Diablo 2 guild back in the summer of 1998, it has gone through many changes.

Detailed explanation of the history of GreySoul. Which is not limited to the other games and guild names that it’s members have played under β€” Read More

The loose development of our ranking and organization. While GreySoul is a guild, it is viewed more or less as a collective of friends and hardcore gamers. β€” Read More

Recognition of success over the lifespan of the guild. Which consists of both “in-game” and “out of game” achievements. β€” Read More