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Who we are


We are GreySoul — a combine of like-minded individuals who who share a love for gaming and balance. We strive to support ourselves in an environment where players can improve their skills, form bonds, and experience all that the games we play have to offer.


Review the past of our clan and how we've evolved over the years to become what we are today.

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Clan Structure

Learn about the structure and hierarchy of our clan and how roles perform.

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Browse our recruitment process to finding out what we look for in prospective members.

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Frequently asked questions

Find answers to the most commonly asked questions about GreySoul, our community, and our activities. If you have any additional questions, you can contact directly via our communications page.

Balance. Originally this was about maintaining a neutral alignment in games. As we have grown older, it has turned into a literal balance between gaming and IRL.

We are currently playing Diablo 4 for the foreseable future. In the past we have played Lost Ark, and several iterations of World of Warcraft (private & public server).

We expect our clan members to treat each other with respect and dignity. TL;DR treat others as you wish to be treated.

Anyone who is mature enough to interact with others and is looking for a group of like minded individuals to play games with.

No, but we do expect clan members to act in a mature manner. We are all adults here.

We primarily use discord for regular chat and A/V communication. For everything else we use the in-game chat systems provided for us to coordinate ad-hoc.

We expect clan members to repsect the space of those around them, refrain from harassment, etc. When you go out into a game with the GS tag, you represent the clan as a whole. We ask all members to be mindful of that.

Clan members play when they can. This is about having fun gaming at our own pace. We have a global team (mostly just US West/East + EU team), so there should almost always be a time for players to be on and interact with each other.

One of the features of GreySoul is that we support the streaming community within our clan. If you have a stream you want to promote on our site, reach out to Exile .
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